Royal Albert 100 Years 1900-1940 Teacup & Saucer Set, Multicolor , 5 Piece



In celebration of Royal Albert’s 100th anniversary, a specialist collection has been envisioned to commemorate the company’s longevity and commitment to excellence. Each piece in the collection is decorated using 22-karat gold and a design representing some of the most iconic styles and colors of each decade, 1900-1990. Royal Albert’s 100th Anniversary is celebrated in style with this gorgeous gift boxed and stamped with a commemorative backstamp.

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    • 100th Anniversary¬†Collection 1900-1940 5-Piece Tea Set, by Royal Albert
    • A stunning combination of bold and bright designs to make any afternoon tea perfectly vintage makes the 100 Years Of Royal Albert collection effortlessly timeless. The collection was introduced in 2006 to celebrate Royal Albert’s 100th Anniversary The collection has been revitalized for 2016 with new sets and 3 new patterns, allowing you to have a piece of history in your very own home.
    • Enchanting tea sets take inspiration from a different decade since 1904.
    • Mix and match for a fusion of modern-day romanticism and old-school nostalgia.
    • Pristine white bone china with vivid glazes and 22-carat gold trim.
    • Washing by hand is recommended and is not microwave safe.
    • Comes in a beautiful new gift boxed pattern.
    • This is a perfect gift to give!
    • Made in Indonesia.
    • Teacups measure 4.5″ H x 15.1″ W


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